Dearest Capital Pride Band friends, family, and community,

THANK YOU! Your generosity during Giving Tuesday Now raised just over $1500! Your gifts provide us a brighter outlook for making music again once it is safe to all be together. We hope you are safe and healthy during this difficult time, and we can’t wait to perform again!

Although Giving Tuesday Now has passed, you can still make a gift in support of CapPride at

In the meantime enjoy a piece from our last concert ‘Angels In the Architecture’. The healing power of music is strong, especially during these unsure times. We are so grateful for your support in our purpose of uplifting our community through music!

Peace, Love, and Music

Julie Hoag
President, Capital Pride Band of Columbus

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Christine Swoboda

Christine Swoboda is a member of the Capital Pride Band of Columbus, playing flute and baritone depending on her mood. Outside of band she enjoys nerdy board games, science, useless facts, craft beer, and petting every animal she sees.