Leaders tout reboot after suspension of operations due to the pandemic

May 9, 2021; COLUMBUS, OH – Following the completion of a meticulous rebranding initiative that ran for over two years, the Governing Board and artistic directors of the local performing arts group formerly known as Capital Pride Band of Columbus are delighted to announce that, henceforth, the organization will officially be called Columbus Pride Bands. Along with the name change comes a modern refresh and redesign of the band’s logo. All of this sets a prime stage for the band’s re-emergence, after a pandemic- induced,14-month hiatus. 

Under the leadership of Marketing Director Tony Killian, the Rebranding Committee went to great lengths to ensure their final recommendation would better represent the band, its values and its membership. Killian indicated, “We knew that rebranding was a chance to refocus what the band is about with this redesign. The old logo missed the mark when it came to identifying who we are. It lacked geographic specificity and that we are a musical organization.  But most importantly, we were discovering the long established ROY G BIV color scheme was limiting, as marginalized communities don’t see it as including them. This rebrand became the first step in reconnecting with our community.”  Among the tools and resources used were; need and feasibility analyses, in-person interviews with former and current band members, qualitative research with members of the LGBTQ+ community with a particular emphasis on historically marginalized groups (black, trans, pan/bi), and two online membership surveys.  Once the decision was made to move forward, a professional graphic designer was brought in to consult on the logo redesign.  

Governing Board President Chris Daniels, who has been a member of the organization for 17 years, is completely sold on the new logo.  He said it fully supports and promotes one of the board’s key strategies for forging future growth and stability. “The diversity initiative is in place to help fulfill the goal of expanding our reach. This means ensuring that we provide a welcoming environment for historically marginalized groups within the LGBTQ+ community.  We want to be recognized as welcoming to all…our haven is your haven. Feedback that we got on our old logo was that it had run its course and hasn’t kept up with the changing dynamics of the LGBTQ+ community.  Conversely, by incorporating an obvious nod to the Progress Pride Flag, our new logo nails it, and will be vital as we work to establish and increase our brand equity.”  In short, Daniels could not be happier with the way the entire process was managed by the Rebranding Committee and the Governing Board. “I am so proud to be a member of this organization and to serve as its President.”

According to Robert Davis, who is about to embark on his fourth year in the role of Artistic Director, there is joy and excitement to finally be moving toward some semblance of normalcy. “Many of our members rely on the band to provide them with a weekly musical and social haven, and that has been greatly missed.”  Of the rebranding, Davis stated, “Well, now the reboot takes on even greater significance with the simultaneous launch of our new name and logo.  I feel strongly that the new name will be key in developing and growing a brand recognition that seemed impossible when constantly having to explain that we are not affiliated with Capital University or with Capitol Pride Band of Washington DC. And no longer will we need to correct the countless emcees who would add the word city to our name and refer to us as Capital City or Cap City.”  On this point, President Daniels added, “Brand identity is not only important locally, but also when we travel.  With ‘Columbus Pride Marching Band’ spelled out and a graphic resemblant of the Ohio flag, the new parade banner should leave little doubt as to who we are and where we’re from!”  

Columbus Pride Bands is an Ohio-based performing arts organization founded in 2003.  Its two main performing groups are the Concert Band, which presents two concerts a year, and the Marching Band, which performs annually in the Columbus Pride Parade & Festival.  The board also arranges for one non-local parade performance a year, which enables the Marching Band to proudly represent the city and state both regionally and nationally. Through the years, this group has performed in Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and Washington DC. Additional groups under the Columbus Pride Bands umbrella, such as the Pep Band, Jazz Band, Holiday Brass, and various other holiday and chamber ensembles, perform at a variety of events in and around the city and occasionally appear in a concert lineup. The organization has an active membership of approximately 100 musicians across all performance groups.

The Columbus Pride Marching Band is currently awaiting approval of its application to perform in the 2021 Stonewall-Columbus Virtual Pride March on Saturday, June 19.  For details of upcoming live performances during Pride weekend, as well as a fall concert presentation by the Columbus Pride Concert Band and/or Chamber Ensembles, please visit any Columbus Pride Bands social media outlet: http://www.columbuspridebands.org, https://facebook.com/ColumbusPrideBands:, https://www.instagram.com/columbuspridebands 

NOTE: Columbus Pride Bands will continue to follow all CDC-recommended safety guidelines to reduce the risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19, until authorities announce that it is no longer necessary. In addition to musicians/performers, all attendees and volunteers will be required to adhere to these guidelines, which include mask-wearing and maintaining social distancing.

Columbus Pride Bands is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and a member of Pride Bands Alliance.

Our mission is to create quality musical and social experiences for our members & community through a variety of performances. We provide an open, inclusive, and fun atmosphere while promoting the joy of music, friendship, and personal growth. 

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Christine Swoboda

Christine Swoboda is a member of the Capital Pride Band of Columbus, playing flute and baritone depending on her mood. Outside of band she enjoys nerdy board games, science, useless facts, craft beer, and petting every animal she sees.